How does Clear Quartz work?

Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal for clarity, balance and amplification of any intentions and desires.

It is called master healer due to the powers that align and balance all energy centers of physical and etheric bodies.

For the dream weavers and manifestors it is must have rock from the mineral kingdom, because it is used to channel and transmit communication with the universe, and quantum field.   

Clear Quartz has multitude of properties making it endlessly versatile crystal which is used in both metaphysics and applied physics. 

Following are the attributes and properties of Clear Quartz;

  • clarity
  • balance
  • alignment  
  • amplification
  • abundance
  • healing 
  • protection
  • connection
  • flow

Clear Quartz absorbs energy and information easily, therefore it is important to cleanse and activate it on regular basis. (Once in three weeks if used in etheric bottle) For more information on how to activate and cleanse quartz crystals, please read here.