How to raise vibrations and frequencies easily?

With reference to numerous experiments confirming that thoughts and emotions have specific type of measurable frequencies, we can divide them into positive and negative categories. Similarly, various frequencies affect us in positive or negative way. 

We feel bad when we are in lower spectrum of those frequencies and we feel good when we are in higher scale of those frequencies. (Please refer to the picture below that correlates frequency scale to emotions)


The key to transcend and transmute from negative to positive, from lower to higher frequencies is to infuse the state of gratitude into our daily lives. It is so simple, however most of the people do not practice it in a correct way.

Gratitude has a very specific signature that is ascribed as a "receptive flow of the positive frequencies". In other words, it attunes us to a receiving mode of goodness. We usually, say "thank you" when we receive a positive, thing, experience.

By repeating, reading, witnessing, simple "thank you" continuously during the day, gratitude starts pulling us out of the lower spectrum of frequencies. Gradually we break even the negativity and slowly, climb into positive range of emotional scale, that corresponds with higher spectrum of frequencies.

While focusing, even for few seconds on gratitude, we release negativity, because we can not focus and retain negative emotions / frequencies while engaging ourselves with gratitude, that is a frequency that opens the doors towards receiving all the goodness we seek for.


 -Vibrations means, movement of atoms and particles, caused by energy. 

- Frequency means, the rate or speed at which atoms, and particles vibrate.