Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle Tumbled Stones


Natural Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal for clarity, balance, and amplification of any intentions and desires.

It is called Master Mineral Stone due to the powers that align and balance all energy centers of physical and etheric bodies.

For the dream weavers and manifestors it is a must-have rock from the mineral kingdom because it is used to channel and transmit communication with the quantum field and the universe itself

Clear Quartz has multitude of properties making it endlessly versatile crystal that is used in both metaphysics and applied physics. 

Following are the attributes and properties of Clear Quartz;

  • clarity
  • balance
  • alignment  
  • amplification
  • abundance
  • healing 
  • protection
  • connection
  • flow

Clear Quartz absorbs energy and information easily, therefore it is important to cleanse and activate it on regular basis. (Once in three weeks if used in etheric bottle) For more information on how to activate and cleanse quartz crystals, please read here. 

Clear Quartz Crystals have been used for millennia for their high vibrational frequencies that can positively affect both physical and etheric bodies. By using water as a medium that can carry and imprint in itself energies and information of highly organized crystal structures, Etheric Water bottle uses genuine quartz crystals to charge, energize and restructure drinking water.

Thoughts, emotions, and intentions of gratitude directed towards water amplify and add another layer of positive vibrations to your experience.

Directions to use: Cleanse -  place the crystal parts under running water or in a bowl of water with a pinch of sea salt for a few minutes to cleanse its former energies.

Charge - crystal parts with the intention that you wish to project, optionally place it under direct sunlight for an hour, or treat it with pure tones of solfeggio frequencies.

Consume - fill the Etheric Water Bottle with drinking water, read gratitude affirmations by mentally completing "thank you ..." statement, and feel elevated emotions of Gratitude. Repeat affirmations a few times and enjoy your experience of drinking water. 

  • Handle with care.
  • Genuine Crystal Gems
  • Powered by Affirmations
  • Experience High Quality
  • BPA Free Water Bottle
  • Borosilicate Glass

Bottle - 450 ML, contains approximately 180 grams of Natural Tumbled Clear Quartz Crystal Stones, sustainably sourced to support fair trade. 

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