When we are in a stressed mode and challenging life circumstances we tend to forget about power of gratitude.

However, we say "thank you" when we experience or receive something really good. Therefore, repeating gratitude verbally or mentally during the day, overlaps negative impulses and refocuses thinking patterns into positive direction. 

Our emotions are measurable in essence and therefore produce distinctly different frequencies. Gratitude has the power to transmute and shift those frequencies into positive emotional range.

Only when you are in a state of resonance with the same frequency of your intention, you can attract prosperity, abundance, love and healing

Natural Quartz Crystal stones can amplify frequencies that are correlated to the same properties of the crystal stones. We have separate articles about crystals, to read more...

By using Etheric Water Bottle that combines 3 elements - power of gratitude, crystal properties/frequencies, it is easy to tune into positive, joyful receiving mode.